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Digital Book Production Service - high quality, multi-functional and affordable

We create digital books that can be easily viewed using a PC (Windows/Mac), a tablet using iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) or Android. Digital books come equipped with 24 functions, including: link to full-text search both internally and externally, SEO, access analysis, writing or drawing free hand onto eBooks and replay of animation or sound. The skin provides ten different languages including Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. In addition, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android are all capable of browsing digital books directly, without having to install a special viewer.

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Why SmartPublishing?


Browse directly from iOS and an Android terminal

Without installing a special viewer, the user can browse the eBook directly using iOS or Android. This is especially useful as the user can operate the digital book naturally without any difficulty.

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Quick service! (within 2 business days)

"Proofreading" will be submitted to you within 48 hrs (or within 24 hrs when early) after submitting the files. Our production fee starts from $50 and includes the first 4 pages. One of the fastest and lowest rates in this industry.

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Perform heat map analysis!(Benefit when you click

In addition to the usual access analysis, heat map analysis can also be performed! This function gives us a visual display of where readers most often enlarge the page. With this tool, we can better understand users' actions from a publisher's viewpoint.

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Provide 10 different language skins!

We provide language skins for the top 10 languages most used among the internet population. This service allows for easy circulation of your eBooks to readers all over the world.

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